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Automatic Battery Tester BATCAT BA24-2020

Used by EDF in nuclear/thermal power stations and in substations for battery maintenance. 

Automatic battery tester BA24-2020

Simple, efficient and automatic testing of each  individual battery cell simultaneously.

Inspect new batteries and revalidate battery health periodically.

A test report is generated automatically upon test completion.

Simultaneous testing of up to 224 cells.

Equipment used  by EDF in nuclear & thermal power plants and in T&D substations for the maintenance of stationary batteries.

BA24-R 5T
Automatic Battery Tester

Up to224 cells





Connection test box for nuclear installation (SOURIAU 845 Connector) 

Connection box for flying test (with crocodile clamp). CONNECTRAL or EDAC connector
cable trim-trio
cable 845
845 cable / CONNECTRAL or EDAC
Amp-hour meter

Provides the battery discharge/charge current so as to assess the battery availability after the discharge test.
Current measurement performed with current clamp or SHUNT. 

Ampliso V2
Ampliso V2 - Shunt Amplifier

Enables current measurement on a SHUNT.
Input 0-100mV / Output 0-200mV 

sonde temperature
Temperature Probe
From 0 to 60°C 


Chariot BATCAT

Trolley for BATCAT BA24

Thanks to the BA24R trolley, the hardware, accessories and cables can be carried easily within the battery rooms.

Contains :

  • 1 area for BA24 5T ou 10T

  • 1 area for a 19" rackable inverter

  • 2 drawers

  • 4 hooks for the cables

Very large all-terrain inflatable wheels


Coffret raccordement
Connection box

Pre-wired connection box that links the BA24 to the batteries.

The connection box can be equipped with 1 to 10 power plugs model SOURIAU 845 or TRIMTRIO. 


Armoire de mesure


Cabinet for continuous measurement

Battery test cabinet contains battery tester, PC and connection terminals.

Test equipment and cabinet qualified by EDF NUCLEAR.

Discharge Banks  8 to 69 kW

Voltage up to 450V. Power up to 69 kW current regulation +/- 1 A 

MDB8000 (8 kW) Flyer

MDB12000 (12 kW) Flyer


Automatic Battery Tester BA24R - Install examples

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