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This product has been qualified by EDF for use in French nuclear power plants.

APR64Front view

Digital Fault Recorder APR64

Analyses and records in real-time up to 96 analog and 1536 digital channels.

It is the “black box” for electrical networks.

Its powerful & user-friendly user interface enables the centralised processing of recorded data acquired through many channels, thus improving fault diagnosis.

Can be provided with Sequence of Events Recorder (SER) and Digital Fault Recorder (DFR)

The APR64 system is totally modular and expandable, as the following modules can be added: analog/digital channels with local/remote acquisition through optical fibre, relays, synchonisation

The APR64 samples analog and digital signals at 6400Hz or 12800Hz (50Hz network) and 7680Hz or 15600Hz (60Hz network).

Measurement accuracy is guaranteed at 0.1% full scale.

The 24 bit A/D converter provides very high resolution.

The APR64 does not require any maintenance. Storage is performed in the static memory and no fan is needed as the APR64 is a low power product.



Rear view

Digital Remote Unit (DRU)

Remote digital channels rack (up to 256 channels)

Connection to the APR64 with an optical fiber. 



Remote Analog Channels (BFOP3) 


Remote analog channel module equipped with 8 analog channels (Voltage and/or currents)
Input range : 50A/700V /70V or 100mA

Connection to the APR64 with optical fiber. 






Digital Fault Recorder APR64 - Install examples

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