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Pince ampèremétrique à effet Hall
Hall-effect clamp 1000 A

For DC Currents

Measurement from 20A to 2000A Voltage output

Pince ampèremétrique
Ammeter Clamp

For AC currents

Measurement from 50A to 200A Voltage output

Tore souple de mesure
Flex Current Clamp 

Flexible toroid enables AC measurement

 Ranges 1000A  / 13cm

                2000A / 19cm

                3000A / 26cm

                6000A / 52cm

Suited to the portable network analyzer/DFR APR64



MONOCAPT (Voltage and Current measurement)

This device allows to measure the voltage and current of an equipement connected on its power plug.

It allows to measure :

  • -  Neutral/Phasis voltage

  • -  Earth /Phasis voltage

  • -  Neutral/Earth voltage

  • -  Phasis current (Range 5A / 5V)

  • -  Earth current (Range 1A / 5V)

    (Other ranges on demand)

    Bandwith  40 à 3000 Hz

  • Precision : 0,2%

Sonde de température
Temperature Probe

From 0 to 60°C 


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